Like many independent schools, Palisades Episcopal School covers a grade span from Junior Kindergarten through grade eight because we believe this grade pattern best serves the educational, social and emotional needs of children.

Our philosophy is supported by a number of underlying precepts including the conviction that the continuity of the academic program is important. Elementary programs need to build year by year in a consistent format on the skills acquired in the preceding grade. Seventh and eighth grades represent a culmination of that development and those skills. During the elementary and middle school years, when the foundation for life-long learning is laid, we can devote all of our resources to serving our students during these formative years, better preparing them for high school and beyond.

What are the hallmarks of a JK – 8 education?


Admissions Dates

PES begins accepting applications on September 1st for the upcoming school year. PES admits students on a rolling admissions basis and applicants with a completed admissions file will be notified promptly of an admissions decision.

Admissions and Decisions

Palisades Episcopal School (PES) seeks intellectually curious and self-reliant students who will thrive in an academically challenging environment and uphold the School’s values of appreciation and respect for others. The Admissions Committee looks carefully at student visits, transcripts and school reports, teacher recommendations, and assessment results to identify students who meet these criteria. Once these students have been identified, the Committee must select a limited number of students for admission to each grade, based on spaces available at that grade level and the School’s admission policies and priorities.

PES strives to maintain a diverse student population at each grade level. Due to the fact that there might be more applicants than available spaces in particular grade levels, it might not be possible to admit all comparably qualified applicants in a given year.

Application and Fee

Apply online at www.pescharlotte.org/applyonline. Complete the application and submit it with the application fee ($180 for JK-K; $90 for 1-8). We normally expect Junior Kindergarten applicants to be at least four years old upon entry, Kindergarten applicants to be at least five years old upon entry, and 1st grade applicants to be at least six years old upon entry. Upon receipt of an application, the Advancement Office will contact you to coordinate the following next steps.

Admissions Tours and Visits

Junior Kindergarten and Kindergarten: Junior Kindergarten and Kindergarten applicants attend admissions visits and complete an admissions screening. These visits are designed to be an enjoyable play time for the children and an opportunity for the Advancement staff to meet and observe visiting children in a relaxed setting. These visits begin in January. 


First – Eighth Grades: Applicants in grades 1-8 complete an admissions screening and meet with faculty for an informal interview.


Teacher Recommendation 

Please email the teacher recommendation link to your child’s current teacher. These confidential forms will be emailed directly to PES from your child’s current teacher.


Complete the transcript request form and mail or take it to your child’s current school (Grades K and above). All official transcripts should be sent directly to PES from your child’s current school.

Teacher Recommendation Forms

Please distribute the teacher recommendation form to your child’s current teacher. These confidential forms should be faxed or mailed directly to us from your child’s current teacher.

Learn More About PES

We are eager to meet you and share how PES prepares students for life. To schedule a visit please call 704.583.1885 or email info@pescharlotte.org.


Palisades Episcopal School (PES) is committed to making a PES education accessible to all admissions qualified students. With this goal in mind, PES has implemented an Indexed Tuition plan offering a range of tuitions based upon demonstrated family need.

2021-2022 Indexed Tuition

 Half-day Junior Kindergarten:  $1,244 – $6,218*

Extended-day Junior Kindergarten:  $1,798 – $8,990*

Kindergarten:  $2,802 – $14,009*

First – Second Grade: $2,842 – $14,209*

Third Grade: $2,874 – $14,372*

Fourth Grade: $2,913 – $14,564*

Fifth – Eighth Grade: $2,937 – $14,686*

Tuition amounts include all fees except fees for athletics, performing arts and large middle school field trips. A 2% discount is given if the full annual tuition is paid by July 1st or upon enrollment if a student is enrolled after July 1st.

*Tuition amount for families who do not apply or qualify for Indexed Tuition.

Tuition Deposit

A $750 tuition deposit is due at the time of enrollment/re-enrollment. This deposit will be applied toward the student’s tuition.

New Student Registration Fee

 A one-time $500 registration fee for new students is due upon enrollment. 

Additional Fees Include:

Tuition Insurance (2.5% of tuition) is required if tuition is not paid in full on or before July 1st, or upon enrollment if a student is enrolled after July 1st.

Middle School Athletic Fee – $100 per sport

Performing Arts Fee (Spring Musical participants) – $150

Middle School Overnight End of Year Field Trips – TBD

Afterschool Fees – from $30/Day to $335/month

Bus Fees – $120 monthly/group stop or $150 monthly/door to door


 For most families, investing in an independent school education requires careful financial planning. We seek to admit talented and motivated students, regardless of family resources. Therefore, all interested families are encouraged to apply for admission to PES. We offer need-based financial assistance for families who feel the full tuition cost is out of their reach. We are here to help you determine the best options for your family with this very important educational investment.

Before receiving financial assistance, each applicant must apply and receive admission to the school. The Admission and Indexed Tuition process may occur simultaneously. In order to assess what a family can afford for educational costs, PES uses SSS (School & Student Services) as an objective and independent third party. SSS calculations are the baseline for our Indexed Tuition determinations, but we also take into consideration our School’s policies and the resources available for returning families as well as prospective families. 

Palisades Episcopal School’s Merit Scholarship Award Program is for new students entering grades 5th-8th. Merit Scholarships may total up to $5,000 per year and are awarded to dedicated students with demonstrated high academic achievement as well as strong character and citizenship in their current school. These scholarships are granted without regard to financial need, and once awarded, will apply to the tuition for each academic year the student attends Palisades Episcopal School.


At PES, we foster a community of life-long learners and proudly partner with our parents to provide educational opportunities and resources to support their parenting needs. All Parent Education seminars are FREE and open to the public.  Please check back for our future Parent Education events.  

Snapshot Tours

Our tours are designed to provide guests with the best possible opportunity to experience our unique educational setting. This snapshot will serve as an introduction to our program that is focused on challenging the mind, body and spirit of each student. Individual tours can be scheduled at your convenience. Please click here to request more information and schedule your tour today.

Little Explorers Series (Select Fridays – 10:00 a.m. – 11:00 a.m.) 

Little Explorers offers children ages 3-5 the chance to investigate the wonders of Science and Spanish through hands-on learning activities.  Visit pescharlotte.org/littleexplorers for dates, topic details, and to register. 

Bring A Friend Days

Students in grades 2 – 7 are invited to spend the day at PES with their friends and experience the joyful love of learning. You do not need to know a current student to attend our Bring A Friend Days. For more information, please contact Monique Gilbert at mgilbert@pescharlotte.org or 704.583.1825.  

2021-2022 Bring A Friend Dates 

Dates coming soon – Clover / Fort Mill

Dates coming soon – CMS