Little Explorers

Little Explorers offers children ages 3-5 years old and their caregivers an exciting, hands-on learning experience. Classes will explore Awesome Artists, Magnificent Musicians and Science Secrets.

Classes meet on Fridays from 10:00 a.m. - 11:00 a.m. 

Each class is $7 per child. 

2018 Classes | 10:00 a.m. - 11:00 a.m.

September 7 – “Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs” | Topic: Weather - Join us as we discuss clouds and the weather with fun, imaginative play! Children will make their own rain cloud to explore what the water cycle looks like in action and collaborate to build their very own rain shelter.

September 21 – “Free the Colors” | Topic: Warm & Cool Colors; Color Mixing - Little ones will have the chance to explore colors through a variety of modalities such as mixing color on a community canvas using different types of brushes, making a color mixing bottle, and experimenting with colors using playdoh.

October 5– “Fall Brew” | Topic: Pumpkin Science - Children will love to mash, mix and mush our "fall brew" as we explore pumpkins and investigate their properties. What a fun way to stimulate your child's imagination, activate multiple senses and strengthen emerging STEM skills.

October 19 – “Sound All Around” | Topic: The Sense of Hearing - Children will love exploring the science of sound vibrations by making a variety of handmade instruments using their STEM skills. By manipulating different parts of the creative process and using a variety of everyday materials, we will explore how to make all kinds of different music.

November 16 – “Science Rocks!” | Topic: Rocks and Fossils - Bring your rock collections and channel your inner geologist as we explore all different kinds of rocks and fossils. Children will get to make their own sedimentary rocks and fossils to take home with them.

November 30 – Artist: Sonia Delaunay | Music: Rhythm & Tempo - Children will explore painting with shapes in the style of Sonia Delaunay while investigating how drums help us create rhythms and tempos.

December 14 – “Push or Pull” | Topic: Force & Motion - Children will explore and experiment with different types of force through a variety of STEAM activities. We will use gravity, magnets, pendulums and the force of push and pull to create unique abstract works of art. Kids will also be challenged to move a train without touching it.

2019 Classes | 10:00 a.m. - 11:.oo a.m.

January 18 – “For the Birds” | Topic: Animals in Winter - Join us as we explore the habits of animals in winter.  Together we will observe animals in our surroundings and talk about how animals find food in the winter. Children will enjoy choosing a bird feeder to make that they can take home for the birds in their own backyard.

January 25 –  Artist: Alexander Calder | Music: Folk/Pop Music & Guitars - Children will learn about the wire sculpture work of Alexander Calder and explore the guitar through folk and pop music.

February 1 – “Sneaky Shadows” | Topic: Light - It's time to turn off the lights and explore shadows and the sense of sight. Children will love experimenting with the properties of light and learning all about rainbow science too.

February 8 – Artist: Georges Seurat  | Music: Jazz - Learn how Georges Seurat created beautiful paintings using pointillism, a method of grouping tiny dots on a canvas.  We will "cut a rug" as we explore jazz music and the vibrant sounds of trumpets and saxophones.

March 1 – “Noisy Nests” | Topic: Animal Habitats - Did you know that birds are not the only animals that make nests? Let’s explore where animals live and how they make their homes. Children will enjoy collaborating together to make their own nest out of the same materials a real animal would use.

March 15 – Artist: Claude Monet | Music: Classical - Claude Monet was a founder of the French Impressionist movement in art.  Children will create a painting in his style and explore the many forms of classical music.

April 5 – “Happy Birthday Earth!” - Topic: Conservation & Recycling - Celebrate the Earth's birthday and the spring season of rebirth and renewal. Children will explore nature as we discuss recycling and other ways we can take care of our planet. Children will have a chance to create a present for the Earth out of recycled materials.

April 26 – Artist: Piet Mondrian | Music: Bluegrass - Dutch artist Piet Mondrian is regarded as one of the greatest artists of the 20th Century.  Children will explore his methods and collaborate on their version of his work.  We'll also discover the unique sounds of the banjo through an investigation of Bluegrass music.

May 10 – “What Floats Your Boat?” | Topic: WaterJoin us as we explore the properties of water by making our own boats using paper and other materials to discover which one floats and which one sinks. Children will also experiment with other objects to see what else floats like a boat.

May 24th – Artist: Dale Chihuly | Music:  All Types - We will close out our series by exploring the beautiful glasswork of Dale Chihuly and experiencing all types of music.


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