Palisades Episcopal School is a school honoring Christ and committed to providing a classical education challenging the mind, body and spirit.

This mission statement expresses our School’s goal of educating the whole child while infusing spirituality into every aspect of our day. The Episcopal approach to Christian faith is central to our identity which is characterized by a thoughtful engagement with Holy Scripture, the traditions of the Church, and human reason. These three: scripture, tradition, and reason, have characterized the Episcopal Identity for almost 500 years. While we are a Christ-centered Episcopal School, we affirm the faith perspectives of all our students. All students and families, from all religious backgrounds, and none at all, are welcome at Palisades Episcopal School.


The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others. ~ Mahatma Gandhi

At Palisades Episcopal School we are committed to connecting the head to the heart – to guiding our students as they blend what they learn and know with who they are and what they believe. PES students are encouraged to understand the impact they have on others and to find ways to apply their individual passions to meaningful, relevant projects that make a positive difference in the world.

Our program is designed to help students develop citizenship skills, create ongoing relationships, make a real difference in our local communities, and foster civic values of integrity, courage, responsibility, compassion, and hard work.

By engaging in meaningful service, our students experience what social responsibility means, particularly at the local level. We also use our devotional studies to examine great models of service and stewardship so that our students can begin to understand and live God’s mission.


The world will not be destroyed by those who do evil, but by those who watch them without doing anything. ~ Albert Einstein

Developing moral courage is crucial in defining self. Palisades Episcopal School teachers inspire students to discover what is true about their voices, allowing them to deepen that uniqueness. Through meaningful study we empower our students to discover what matters to them – what they will champion- even when faced with challenges from others.

Humanity’s future demands moral courage, which in turn requires students to find and cultivate their callings. At PES we believe purpose and meaning cannot be mere luxuries; our students are encouraged to be curious, to take risks, and to seek out their passions and interests. The result is an empowered and invested student body.

Palisades Episcopal School students have an innate, ethical perspective. Our teachers and administrators work to create a school-wide community that embraces individuality, a multicultural community, curiosity, and respect for all. At PES, we are a family that fosters connections while valuing the individual. Our students graduate with a strong sense of agency and self. They see themselves as members of a common humanity and recognize the impact they can have on the whole.